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Why Study In Australia?

Australia is one of the most beautiful and friendlier nations in the world. Its favorable climate, heartbreaking beaches and outback and one of the most multicultural societies make it one of the most welcoming countries for overseas students. Not only that the growing skill shortage problem in Australia means the international students have higher chance of getting sponsored by Australian sponsored or applying for permanent residency after they complete their studies in Australia if they meet all eligible criteria at that time.

Australian qualifications are recognized and regarded high throughout the world. Your Australian qualification can become a solid foundation for building your future, boosting your career and prospects for a higher salary. Australian universities, colleges and schools will provide a vibrant, creative and challenging environment in which to develop your potential. Quality standards for Australian institutions are among the best in the world.
Once you fill in your details answering the questions in the apply online form and attach your academic certificates, transcripts, brief bio-data, photocopy of passport and IELTS; we will choose the right course for you taking several things into consideration such as cost, location, prospects of successful visa application, flexibility, your desired career and future goal, proximity to jobs and public transport, likelihood of pathway to permanent residency etc. We will tailor to your aspirations based on the responses in the form and your background.
According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the current unemployment rate is very low, which means there are less unemployed people. However, students are encouraged to get appropriate training on hands on skills, research about the job market in Australia, and be reasonable and allow some time to find part time jobs after they arrive, commence studies and get student work permit to work in Australia.
This will largely depend upon your circumstances and the course, location, institution and duration you choose for your study. Based on your responses, we will be acting in your best interest to save you time, money and make your move to Australia as easy as possible. Once we get the offer letter for you from the relevant institution, we will provide you with the approximate costs involved for your studies. Relatively, tuition fees in Australia are very competitive and cost effective amongst other countries.
Although the international students coming to study in Australia go to different cities and regional areas, a greater number seems to be focusing on major cities like Sydney and Melbourne. We use our local knowledge, expertise and experience to select the best university or college to suite your needs. For further information, please contact us.
That’s right. We will first understand your situation and your future plans and career aspirations along with the budget and preferences. From that, we will offer you a most cost effective solution that would help you achieve your goal in the most effective way. If you like more choices, we will offer you to choose the course you like from our huge range of colleges and universities as affiliate partners. Our services to you will fair, unbiased and professional.
Our services to you will not end there. As soon as you contact us by any means including email, phone or visiting one of our offices, we will lead you way until your goal is achieved, that could mean finishing your study and migrating to Australia.
You would not find any cheaper tuition fees even if you contacted the college or university directly. Working with us to make the right decision for your life, you are getting all the value added services from us for free. They include: - Free Assessment of your circumstances and personalised advice - Selection of the right course and institution - University/ College Admission - Complete Student Visa Process - Travel & Airport Pick up - Accommodation Arrangement - Applying for Tax File Number - Job search assistance - Visa Application for your dependants - Ongoing consultation concerning your immigration status - Counselling on Migration pathways after study
(*Some of the above services attract fees, consult your 4Nations local consultant for details)