Skilled Independent Visa 189

Skilled Independent Visa 189

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Transform professional Skills Into New Life With Subclass 189 Visa

Are you looking to build a prosperous career while enjoying an unparalleled quality of life? Crafted for skilled workers, the Skill Independent Subclass 189 Visa is a permanent general skilled migration visa providing you with a direct route to Australian permanent residency, eliminating the need for employer or family sponsorship. Experience the freedom of independence as you choose your desired location and immerse yourself in the diverse opportunities offered. With your professional skills as your guiding force, you will not only reap the benefits but also find doors opening to a future where success and fulfilment seamlessly converge in the vibrant landscapes of Australia.

Eligibility and Requirements

Skilled Independent Visa 189 Checklist In 2024

Ready to start your Australian dream with the right preparation? Tailored for skilled individuals, the subclass 189 permanent visa under skilled migration program allows you to work and study in Australia indefinitely. Streamline your application process with the Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 Checklist for 2024:

  • You must meet the age requirements for the Subclass 189 Visa, which is generally under 45 years old.
  • Your occupation must be listed on the relevant skilled occupation list (such as the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List) and check if your skills and qualifications match the requirements.
  • You need to undergo a skill assessment by the relevant assessing authority to verify your qualifications and work experience.
  • You need to demonstrate your English language proficiency by providing evidence of meeting the minimum score requirements in approved English language tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE.
  • You need to achieve the minimum points (at least 65 points or more) required in the SkillSelect points test, which takes into account factors such as age, English proficiency, work experience, education, and other relevant criteria.
  • You must meet the health and character requirements set by the Australian government, including medical examinations and obtaining police clearance certificates.
  • You need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through SkillSelect, expressing your interest in applying for the Subclass 189 Visa.
  • After receiving an invitation from the Department of Home Affairs, collect essential documents: identification, educational certificates, employment references, and proof of English proficiency to lodge 189 Skilled Visa application.

Tailored Solutions for New Career

Our skilled independent subclass 189 visa Services

Navigate the complexities of the visa process confidently with our skilled independent 189 Visa service, designed to ensure a seamless migration experience.

Check Eligibility and Skill Assessment

Through a comprehensive assessment of your skills for the Subclass 189 Visa, our team will meticulously assess your qualifications, confirm your visa eligibility by aligning them with the visa requirements and pave the way for a successful migration.

Lodge Expression of Interest (EOI)

Boosting your chances for a swift invitation we will guide you in optimising your profile, assist you in preparing and lodging a compelling EOI through SkillSelect, the online platform, and ensure all relevant information is showcased effectively.

Receive an Invitation to Apply

Upon submitting your EOI, our team will closely monitor the invitation rounds, guiding you through the thrilling experience of receiving an invitation from the Department of Home Affairs, transforming your aspirations into tangible opportunities.

Gather Required Documents

Our proficient team will assist you in streamlining your documents, ensuring your application is well-prepared for a seamless visa application, from identification, and educational certificates, to employment references, and proof of English proficiency.

Submit Visa Application

Thoroughly reviewing and diligently compiling all your necessary documents for accuracy and completeness, we will assure that your visa application is submitted error-free and adheres with the stringent requirements of your specific visa category.

Visa Decision and Follow-up

Offering continuous support through the final stages, we will keep you informed, address your queries, and steer you through the post-application phase, until your visa decision is finalised, ensuring you experience peace of mind.

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Bringing you closer to your Australian migration goals, our team is dedicated to helping skilled immigrants like you traverse the intricacies of relocation. From the initial skill assessment to seamless documentation, we will ensure you meet the criteria for a successful migration. Going beyond paperwork, we will extend our efforts to empower you with the essential knowledge needed to thrive in your new Australian life.

Step into the future confidently – explore our service and us be your reliable partner, guiding you through the application process and enhancing your chances of acquiring the necessary points for a successful visa grant. Your journey in Australia begins now – reach out to us to transform your migration milestone into reality!

Clarifying Your Path 

Common Concerns about Skill Independent 189 Visa Answered

The Subclass 189 Visa is a points-tested permanent residency visa within the Australian skilled migration program, allowing individuals to live and work permanently anywhere in Australia without requiring employer or family sponsorship. Eligibility for this visa is determined through a points system, and applicants must receive an invitation to apply.

The eligibility requirements for the Skill Independent 189 visa include having an occupation on the skilled occupation list, obtaining a positive skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority, scoring a minimum of 65 points on the Points Test, being under 45 years of age at the time you are invited to apply for this visa, demonstrating competent English language proficiency, and meeting the health and character requirements. During regular invitation rounds held by the Department of Home Affairs, invitations are granted based on the highest-scoring candidates in each occupation.

For the 189 Subclass Visa, essential documents required are proof of identity, skill assessment results, academic and work certificates, English proficiency results, and health and character assessments. Accuracy and completeness in submitting these documents are crucial to showcase eligibility for permanent residency. For precise and current document requirements, it is advisable to seek guidance from a registered migration agent.

To be eligible for the Subclass 189 Skilled Independent Visa, your occupation must be included in the relevant list of eligible skilled occupations, and you must undergo a recognised skill assessment. This assessment is important to demonstrate that your skills and qualifications align with the requirements of your nominated skilled occupation. 

Applicants for the 189 Subclass Visa must meet health and character requirements, which entail a medical examination by an approved panel physician to assess potential health risks or costs to the community. Furthermore, individuals aged 16 or older, including family members, must furnish police clearance certificates from countries resided in for over 12 months since turning 16. 

No, it is not possible to apply for a 189 Subclass Visa without a skill assessment. A positive skill assessment is a mandatory requirement for the visa application. The skill assessment is conducted by the relevant assessing authority for your nominated occupation and verifies that your qualifications and skills meet the standards required for that occupation.

The age limit for the Australian visa 189 Subclass is 45 years. To be eligible for the visa, you must be under the age of 45 at the time you receive an invitation to apply. This means that if you turn 45 before receiving an invitation will no longer be eligible to apply for the Subclass 189 visa.  The age restriction is subject to change, so it’s vital to keep in mind that the most recent information on visa eligibility requirements may always be found by consulting a registered migration agent or by checking the official rules.

The visa processing time for the Skilled Visa 189 Subclass can vary and is influenced by various factors, including the complexity of the application, the number of applications being processed at the time, and the accuracy and completeness of the documentation provided. According to Department of Home Affairs, for point tested application, 50% of applications are processed within 67 days, and 90% are processed within 14 months. For the most current and accurate information on the expected processing duration, it is recommended to consult with a migration agent.

To showcase Competent English skills for the Subclass 189 Visa, the applicant should achieve a minimum score of 6 in each IELTS component. Proficient English skills require a minimum score of 7 in each component, while Superior English skills necessitate a minimum score of 8 in each component. This requirement is particularly significant for individuals whose first language is not English, emphasising the importance of meeting the specified language proficiency standards in the visa application process. Remember, the specific language proficiency criteria depend on the requirements set by the assessing authority for the nominated occupation.

According to the DHA, the processing fee for the Subclass 189 Visa in 2024 is AUD 4,640.00. You should note that this amount is subject to change, and for the latest and most accurate information on visa application charges, consult with a migration agent.

Yes, Subclass 189 Visa allows you to include your spouse or de facto partner in your application as a dependent. This inclusion allows your partner to join you in Australia with equivalent rights and privileges as the primary visa holder. To incorporate your partner, you must furnish evidence showcasing the authenticity and continuity of your relationship, such as marriage certificates, shared financial documents, joint accommodation details, or other pertinent paperwork. Additionally, you may need to provide proof of your partner’s English language proficiency and fulfil any other requirements tailored to their individual circumstances.

Points for the Subclass 189 Visa are calculated based on various factors, including age, English proficiency, skilled work experience, educational qualifications, and additional criteria like Australian study, community language proficiency, partner skills, government nomination, and completion of a Professional Year in Australia. The total points determine eligibility, and applicants must meet the minimum threshold to be invited to apply for the visa.

The Subclass 189 work visa is a permanent visa, affording indefinite validity. Once a visa is granted, you will gain the privilege to work and stay in Australia indefinitely as a permanent resident without time constraints. As a permanent resident, you can enjoy the rights and benefits of living in Australia, including access to healthcare, education, and social security. Additionally, you can travel to and from Australia as many times throughout your permanent residency. It’s crucial to recognise that while the visa remains valid, ongoing obligations and requirements must be met to sustain your permanent resident status.

For individuals seeking an Australia PR visa under the Subclass 189 category, the necessary work experience varies according to the nominated occupation. Typically, applicants are required to possess a minimum of 3 years of relevant and skilled work experience in their chosen occupation gained overseas (outside Australia), and at least 1 year for Australian skilled employment (in Australia) to earn the minimum points for the point-test. For Australian employment, individuals must have held a substantive visa, or a bridging visa (A or B) and adhered to the conditions of that visa. The specific work experience requirements for each occupation are determined by the assessing authority.

The 189 Subclass Visa and the Subclass 491 Visa differ primarily in their regional aspects. The Subclass 189 Visa is a Skilled Independent Visa, allowing individuals to live and work in Australia without regional restrictions. In contrast, the Subclass 491 Visa is a Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa, requiring visa holders to live and work in a designated regional area of Australia. It offers restricted work rights in designated regional areas of Australia for 5 years, with potential pathways to permanent residency through the Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190) or Skilled Regional Permanent Residence Visa (Subclass 191).

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