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Visa Application Process 

Ensure precision and adherence to all visa requirements as we guide you through each step, enabling you to efficiently reach your visa objectives. Approach the visa application process with unwavering confidence, guided by our seasoned professionals.

Visa Application Checklist

Reduce the risk of application rejection or delays with our complete application checklist. This comprehensive list includes all the required documents, forms, and essential tasks that applicants must complete throughout the application process.

Visa Validity Period

Optimise your travel, work, or residence opportunities in your Australian destination with our assistance. Acquire valuable insights into your visa's duration and ensure a rewarding and fulfilling experience throughout your stay in Australia.


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How the Australian Partner Visa Works

Operating through a two-stage process: temporary and permanent visa, the Australian partner visa enables eligible individuals to build their lives in Australia alongside their Australian partner. Initially, the temporary partner or prospective marriage visa allows the de facto partner or spouse of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen to stay in Australia temporarily.

After fulfilling the requisite time of two years on the temporary visa and maintaining the relationship, visa applicants will become eligible for the Permanent Visa (Subclass 801 visa if onshore or Subclass 100 visa if offshore). This eligibility applies to individuals who currently hold a temporary Partner visa (subclass 820 visa if onshore or Subclass 309 visa if offshore). This process requires strict adherence to eligibility criteria and thorough documentation, emphasising the crucial importance of professional guidance for a successful application journey.

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Partner Visa Document Checklist

Navigating the Partner Visa application process involves gathering a range of crucial documents to ensure a smooth application submission. Here’s the essential checklist to guide you.

  • Form 47SP: Provides details about your relationship with your Australian partner, personal information, and immigration history.
  • Form 40SP:  Gathers information about you and outlines your relationship with the applicant.
  • Form 80: Collects personal particulars for character assessment from both the applicant and the sponsor.
  • Form 888: Consists of statutory declarations from friends and family who offer support and affirm the authenticity of the relationship.
  • Passport (applicant and sponsor)
  • Birth certificates (applicant and sponsor)
  • Marriage certificate or evidence of de facto relationship
  • Divorce or termination of previous relationships (if applicable)
  • Proof of identity documents (e.g., driver’s license, national ID card)
  • Proof of change of name (if applicable)
  • Photographs of the applicant and sponsor
  • Evidence of joint activities or shared financial commitments
  • Undergo a medical examination carried out by an accredited panel physician approved by the Department of Home Affairs.
  • Obtain police clearance certificates for all countries where both the applicant and sponsor have resided for over 12 months
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Eligibility Criteria of Spouse Visa Australia

Understanding the eligibility criteria will provide you with the initial guidance required for the application submission, ensuring that you fulfil the essential qualifications for this specific visa category. The eligibility requirements encompass:

  • Both you and your partner must meet the age requirement of at least 18 years old.
  • For the onshore partner visa, you must be in Australia, while for the offshore partner visa, you must be outside Australia at the time of application.
  • You must be in a genuine and ongoing relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen.
  • If you are married, your marriage must be legally recognised under Australian law.
  • If you are in a de facto relationship, you must have lived together with your de facto partner for at least 12 months.
  • You must provide evidence of your commitment to the relationship, including joint financial commitments, shared living arrangements, and social aspects of the relationship.
  • You should have a genuine intention to live together as a married or de facto couple once the visa is granted.
  • Your sponsor must be an eligible Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen and is willing to sponsor your visa application.
  • You and your partner must meet health and character requirements.
  • You should not have had a visa cancelled or refused while you were in Australia.

Partner Visas (De facto, Married or Fiancé)

A partner visa is an Australian visa for people with a partner who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen. There are three types of partner visas: de facto, married and fiancé. Couples who have been in a De Facto relationship for less than 12 months and can present evidence of their continued and exclusive connection are eligible for a De Facto visa. For a Married visa, couples’, a prof their connection, such as marriage certificates and joint finances are applicable. The Fiancé visa is for engaged couples who want to marry within nine months of landing in Australia. Candidates must also offer proof of their genuine desire to marry. Partner visa applications are assessed based on the couple’s relationship seriousness and eligibility requirements. When the visa is accepted, the visa-holder partner will be permitted to live and work in Australia.

Partner Visa (Temporary):
Subclass 820​

Subclass 820 visa is a temporary visa that allows the spouse or partner who has been in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen to enter and live in Australia for up to two years. After two years, the applicant can be eligible to apply for a permanent partner visa Subclass 801. The 820 visas are applied for onshore within Australia and grant temporary residence while the permanent Partner Visa application is being processed.

Partner Visa (Permanent):
Subclass 801​

The Subclass 801 visa grants permanent residency to those in a genuine and committed de facto relationship or legally married to an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen. It's the second stage of the partner visa process and can be applied for after two years of holding a Subclass 820 visa. During this time, you must prove your relationship is genuine to Australian Immigration.
Note: Partner visas 820 and 801 are onshore partner visas for applicants staying in Australia.

Partner (Provisional) Visa:
Subclass 309​

The subclass 309 visa lets couples enter and stay temporarily in Australia while their subclass 100 visa application is processed. It's for those in de facto relationships or married to an Australian citizen. The visa is applied for outside Australia and leads to permanent residency through the subclass 100 visa after two years. The Department of Home Affairs evaluates applications for a temporary visa, which can lead to a permanent migrant visa.

Partner (Migrant) Visa:
Subclass 100​

The Subclass 100 Partner Visa allows you to live and work in Australia as an Australian citizen's partner. It is the second stage of the partner visa application, following the temporary Partner (Provisional) Visa subclass 309. To obtain a subclass 100 permanent visa, you must first secure a provisional visa valid for two years for yourself and your partner. You need to be living together and committed to a shared life as husband and wife.
Note: Partner visas 309 and 100 are offshore partner visas for applicants staying outside of Australia.

Prospective Marriage Visa:
Subclass 300

The Prospective Marriage Visa subclass 300 allows individuals to enter Australia and marry a partner who is a qualified citizen. Requirements include being sponsored by an Australian partner, intending to marry within nine months of a visa grant, and meeting health and character requirements. After the marriage, the applicant can then apply for partner visas (subclass 820/801 or subclass 309/100) to continue their stay in Australia. 

Partner Visa Processing Time

When it comes to reuniting with your beloved in Australia, having a clear grasp of partner visa processing times is of utmost importance. These processing times can vary, depending on factors such as the specific visa subclass and your individual circumstances, typically spanning from around 6 to 51 months. Several elements, including the complexity of your case and the volume of applications, play a vital role in determining these processing times.

We are committed to providing you with the latest information on processing times and delivering continuous support throughout your application process. Notably, the temporary and prospective marriage visas (Subclass 820, Subclass 309 and Subclass 300) generally have shorter processing periods compared to the permanent partner visas (Subclass 801 and Subclass 100). Our skilled team will guide you through these estimated timeframes, which are subject to potential changes, ensuring a seamless journey as you reunite with your beloved in Australia.


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Duration Of The Partner Visa

Allowing individuals to live, work and study in Australia alongside their partner, a temporary partner visa (Subclass 820 and 309) is the initial stage of a partner visa. The duration of this temporary visa extends up to two years from the date of the visa grant. Throughout this period, visa holders must conscientiously adhere to the stipulated visa requirements while nurturing their relationship with their Australian partner.

Upon fulfilling the eligibility criteria and having maintained the temporary partner visa for the designated duration, applicants can advance to the next stage, which is the permanent partner visa (801 Visa and 100 Visa). This second phase bestows indefinite residency in Australia, granting access to vital services like healthcare, social benefits and the opportunity to embark on the path to Australian citizenship. Throughout these two crucial phases, our seasoned team will provide you with the necessary guidance and support to meet the criteria for securing permanent residency.

Five (5) Easy Steps To Get Your Partner Visa In 2024

Embarking on the journey to obtain a partner or spouse visa can be a significant milestone in your life. Applying for a spouse visa can be an overwhelming process, especially if you are not familiar with it and are inside Australia, you will only get one chance at getting it right. As the consequences of failing a partner visa application are extreme, not only will you have wasted charge for the Department’s application but also months of your time. Eventually, you will also likely have to leave Australia and wait over a year before you can reapply. So, following the right guidance and knowledge from a skilled migration agent will make it easier for you to obtain the visa you need without any risk. The following five steps will help you navigate the process and give you the best chance of obtaining your visa so you can start your life with your loved one in Australia. 

Your Journey Begins: Eligibility Assessment

The initial step to begin your journey is to complete your eligibility assessment which ensures you to meet the necessary requirements to proceed with confidence. We, therefore, will consult with you to understand your relationship and address any concerns and assess if you meet Australian Immigration criteria for a spouse visa, providing you with reliable support throughout the process.

Personalised Consultation: Discussing Your Unique Circumstances

As you progress with your immigration journey, we provide you with an opportunity to receive a personalised consultation from one of our expert immigration teams. This consultation will be tailored to your specific needs and circumstances, ensuring that you receive the best possible guidance and support. We examine your case, address potential hindrances, and provide guidance to satisfy strict visa criteria.

Seamless Case Preparation: Relax while We Work on Your Behalf

Our team offers a detailed breakdown of our professional fees, ensuring complete transparency throughout the process. Once you are satisfied with the fee structure, we will proceed to assist you in collecting all the necessary documents and information required for a successful application. With our efficient and accurate handling of all the paperwork, you can rest assured that your valuable time and effort will not go in vain. 

Stay Informed: Consistent Communication Throughout Your Journey

From the moment you choose us as your migration agent, we will establish an accessible channel of communication. Our teams are always available to provide prompt responses within 24 hours, offer solutions to issues, and keep you updated on your application status. By establishing a reliable communication channel, we equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions and ensure a successful journey.

Celebration Time: Joyful Moments Post Successful Case Decision

After you get your partner visa, you and your loved one can embark on a new chapter filled with endless possibilities and celebrate your success and talk about your new life together. We commit to providing you with ongoing support even after your visa has been approved. We will be there for you to answer any questions you may have and provide you with any additional support you may need.

From Marriage Vows To Visa Success: Spouse Visa Services Tailored For You​

With our expertise and attention to detail, we customise our service to align with your requirements making your journey seamless – from the exchange of marriage vows to the successful acquisition of your visa.

We offer you a personalised visa service that provides a hassle-free experience to build a joyful and satisfying life together. Our team of professionals will competently assemble an impressive application package on your behalf while also taking care of all the administrative tasks. We are available and reachable via phone or email and respond promptly to any questions or concerns you may have. We will be there with you, from the initial phase to the celebration of your successful case decision. Our support will be thorough, making your dream come true, and we will join you to celebrate the joyous moment together.

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