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Why Migrate To Australia?

Why Migrate To Australia?

Australia remains as one of the strong economies in the world.

Due to the huge geographical size combined with very low population, it has capacity to absorb a lot more new population. Adding to that the ongoing skilled manpower shortage in the workforce has led the government to align its policies in welcoming new skilled and business migrants.

The resource sector is booming and does not have enough skilled workers to meet the demand of the industries. This presents an ample opportunity for the potential skilled workers around the world to look towards Australia for migration and find work.

What is the future of new migrants in Australia?

The new migrants and their dependants in most categories have unlimited work rights and the permanent migrants become eligible to apply for citizenship provided they meet the citizenship criteria in force at that time.

They enjoy the democracy, freedom, financial security, equal opportunity principles and relaxed lifestyle. Most importantly, they can be more relaxed knowing their family’s financial and overall future is more secure than in most countries around the world.

Basic facts about Australia…

  • Australia is located is the world’s sixth largest nation after Russia, Canada, China, the USA and Brazil.
  • Australia is home for welcoming multicultural society with a population of over 20 million. English is Australia’s official language but quite a large number of its residents speak another language as well.
  • It has very favorable climate, beaches and heartbreaking outback sceneries.
  • The Australian economy has experienced strong growth in recent years producing a high-growth, low-inflation economy. It was one of the few economies of the world to remain least affected from the Global Financial
  • The Australian currency is the Australian dollar (AUD).
  • Australians are great fans of sports. The popular sports here include Australian Rules football, cricket, hockey, netball, rugby league, rugby union, soccer, swimming and tennis.
  • Australians love music, spend quite a bit of time out of work in holidays, social gatherings, night out, sight seeing as applicable.
Source: www.australia.gov.au

Settlement Assistance Package

If you do not have friends or family in Australia to pick you up from the airport and take you where you want to be, our friendly staff will be able to assist you. You will need to inform us and make a booking with one of our friendly staff at 4Nations. This settlement assistance package includes:

  • 4 weeks accommodation upon arrival in Australia.
  • Arrival orientation covering settling in Australia.
  • Applying for Australian Tax File Number.
  • Applying for Australian Bank Account.
  • Applying for SIM card for your mobile phone.
  • Job search orientation.
(Please ensure you book this service with one months prior notice and make payment in advance unless otherwise stated)