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Partner Visa 820

The Journey Begins

Temporary Subclass 820: First Step to Your Australian Dream

Picture an exhilarating journey as you and your beloved partner embark on an adventure, exploring a world filled with new possibilities and shared aspirations. With Partner Visa 820 an exclusive subclass offering temporary visas to partners of Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens—you stand on the verge of an exceptional shared reality. Our skilled professionals are committed to skillfully navigating the intricate bureaucracy, ensuring no obstacles hinder your heartfelt odyssey. Prepare to passionately chase and tangibly live your dreams as our dedicated guidance propels you forward.
meeting partner after success of partner visa 820
Eligibility and Requirements

Partner Subclass 820 Visa Checklist in 2024

The intricate journey to the temporary Partner Visa Subclass 820 is a carefully paved route that entails the fulfilment of specific prerequisites before embarking on this voyage. The eligibility criteria for this partner visa are detailed as follows.

  • A genuine and ongoing relationship with an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen.
  • Both you and your Australian partner must be at least 18 years old unless under exceptional circumstances.
  • Living together with your de facto partner or spouse or having suitable arrangements in place.
  • Meeting health and character requirements by the Australian government.
  • Recognition of a de facto relationship with your partner (at least 12 months) or registered marriage under Australian law.
  • Providing evidence that highlights the relationship’s genuineness and commitment, including financial commitments, shared responsibilities and social aspects.
  • Meeting financial requirements, including sufficient funds for your stay.
  • Must be in Australia when you apply for the 820 visa.
  • Have your partner as a sponsor during the lodgment of your application.
  • Not hold specific regional visas. 
  • Obtain a substantive visa or prospective marriage visa, and if not, provide a compelling reason for the grant of a partner visa.
Tailored Solutions for Your Love Story

Our Partner Visa 820 Services

Embark on a hassle-free Partner Visa 820 journey with our tailored guidance. Simplify the process while securing expert assistance for a successful application.

Initial Consultation

Initiate your Partner Visa journey with our personalised consultation, offering you customised guidance to your circumstances and eligibility, setting the stage for a successful visa application.

Document Compilation

Seamlessly align your document with the visa procedure. Our expert team excels skillfully in compiling and meticulously organising essential paperwork, ensuring accuracy through collaborative efforts with you.

Application Lodgement

Experience an effortless and seamless visa application process as our team will adeptly manage the intricate submission procedures, guaranteeing precision and adherence to all relevant regulations. 

Relationship Evidence

Our proficient team will significantly enhance your application's credibility by expertly assisting you in presenting compelling and substantial evidence that emphasises the authenticity of your relationship.

Communication with Immigration

We serve as a dedicated liaison between you and the immigration authorities, ensuring a smooth visa application process. We will address any doubts or worries you may have regarding your visa application and provide complete assistance throughout the process.


With unwavering diligence, our team will monitor your visa application progress, deliver consummate guidance and maintain a proactive notification system to keep you informed of all pertinent visa updates.

Embark on the path of love and togetherness with our Subclass 820 visa services

Ready to Begin Your Journey 
Clarifying Your Path 

Common Concerns about Provisional Visa 820 Answered

The Partner Visa 820 is a temporary visa designed for individuals in genuine and ongoing relationships with Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens. This temporary onshore partner visa allows partners to work, study and stay in Australia while awaiting a decision on their permanent partner visa application. The subclass 820 visa is the first step or phase of the two-stage visa process in the Australian immigration system.
No, the Subclass 820 is not a permanent visa on its own. Instead, this visa lets the de facto partner of an Australian citizen settle temporarily in Australia. Once the visa holder has fulfilled all the necessary requirements and has maintained the visa for a specified duration, they will be eligible for the permanent visa and can apply for the Partner Visa Subclass 801.

The Subclass 820 partner visa is for those in a genuine relationship with an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen. Meeting health, character and relationship criteria is mandatory, as is providing evidence of the authenticity of the partnership. The visa enables people to stay in Australia with their partner, with the aim of gaining permanent residency and potentially citizenship.

Yes, you can apply for a Partner Visa Subclass 820 while already in Australia on a different visa, known as an onshore application. However, you must be in Australia and meet the eligibility requirements for the temporary Subclass 820 visa and ensure you hold a valid substantive visa or a Bridging visa A, B, or C while your visa application is being processed. The partner visa applicant must comply with visa conditions and maintain lawful status in Australia during the processing period.
Absolutely, the Subclass 820 visa provides holders with the privilege to work, study and live in Australia temporarily. This facet empowers individuals to participate in the workforce actively and educational opportunities, contributing to their personal and professional growth during their time in Australia.

The visa processing time for Subclass 820 can vary depending on various factors such as the complexity of your case, the accuracy of your application and the volume of applications being processed at the time. According to the Australian Department of Home Affairs, the estimated processing time for the partner visa application is between 11 to 44 months.

The Subclass 820 visa is typically granted for a temporary period of two years. The Subclass 820 visa continues to remain valid while the Subclass 801 visa application is being processed. It acts as a bridging visa, allowing the visa holder to maintain their lawful status and rights in Australia. After the two-year period (from the date of lodging the Subclass 820 visa application), the visa holder becomes eligible to transition to the permanent stage of the visa, which is the permanent 801 visa.
The partner visas onshore subclass 820 and 801 differ in stages and permanency. The 820 serves as a temporary visa for those in genuine relationships with eligible Australians, allowing them to reside, work and study in Australia during their permanent partner visa application processing. The 801 is a permanent visa achievable after meeting requirements and holding the 820 temporarily. The 801 partner visa provides indefinite living, working, and studying privileges in Australia with your partner, along with access to social services and healthcare.
Transitioning from Subclass 820 to Subclass 801 involves progressing from a temporary partner visa to a permanent one. After holding the Subclass 820 visa and meeting the requisite time frame and eligibility criteria of being in a genuine relationship with your spouse or de facto partner for at least 12 months, you can apply for visa 801. The partner visa subclass 801 is the next phase in the partner visa process and grants permanent residency, 
After the 820 visa grant, you gain temporary residence in Australia as a partner of an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or New Zealand citizen. This visa allows you to live, work, and remain in Australia while your permanent partner visa (801) application is being processed. It is important to adhere to the visa conditions, maintain your relationship, and provide any required documentation to ensure a smooth transition to the next stage of permanent residency.

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