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Form 47SP: What it is and When to Fill them [With Sample]

Form 47SP, completed when initiating a partner visa application, stands as a vital document indispensable for Australian partner visa submissions. This comprehensive form encompasses personal information, relationship history, financial commitments, character assessments, and health declarations. Positioned as a crucial element in the journey through the complex terrain of Australian immigration, individuals often wonder about its true nature and the individuals it involves.

Delve into this blog to uncover the authentic identity, purpose, and the process of completing Form 47SP. Join us on a journey that navigates through the bureaucratic landscape, offering not just information but a transformative guide. Enriched with a sample walkthrough, this blog turns what might seem routine into a road map for those embarking on the captivating journey of Australian immigration.

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What is Form 47SP?

Form 47SP, also known as the “Application for migration to Australia by a partner,” is a form used in the process of applying for a partner visa in Australia. This partner visa applicant form is specifically designed for an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen who wishes to sponsor their partner’s migration to Australia, allowing them to provide crucial details about their relationship and eligibility. From personal information to financial commitments, character assessments, and health declarations, Form 47SP encapsulates the key aspects necessary for a successful partner visa application. 

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Who needs to fill out Form 47SP?

Completing the 47SP Form is a mandatory step for individuals applying for a temporary or permanent partner visa (Subclass 820 / 801 / 309 / 100) and a prospective marriage visa (Subclass 300) in Australia. Designed specifically for visa applicants, this form required detailed personal information of both applicant and sponsor, including identity, relationship history, and intentions for living in Australia.

When applying for an Australian partner visa, both Form 47SP and 40SP must be completed. Form 40SP is a sponsor form filled out by the primary applicant’s sponsor, required for a partner to migrate to Australia.

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When should you fill out Form 47SP?

Form 47SP should be completed and submitted as part of the initial application for a partner visa in Australia. This form, along with other required documents and forms (form 40sp and form 80) should be lodged at the beginning of the application process to ensure that all necessary information is provided from the start.

Furthermore, if necessary, Form 80, which pertains to supplementary character and background information, is typically completed in the latter stages of the visa application process. Seek professional advice from a registered migration agent before filling out the online application forms to ensure accuracy and compliance with the requirements.

How to Complete Form 47SP?

Filling out Form 47SP application for a partner visa can be complex. Whether applying for an onshore or offshore partner visa, the necessary documents and information required for a partner visa application form remain largely consistent. Here is a general guide on how to fill out Form 47SP:

  1. Obtain the form: Form 47SP can be downloaded from the IMMI website or done online through the IMMI account.
  2. Read the instructions: Before filling out the form, thoroughly read the instructions to understand the requirements and guidance on completing each section.
  3. Personal details: Open up your immigration account portal and begin to fill in your personal information, including your full name, date of birth, contact details, and any previous names you have used.
  4. Relationship details: Provide comprehensive information about your relationship with your partner. This includes details such as the length of the relationship, how you met, and any relevant dates or events. Be sure to include supporting evidence, such as a marriage certificate (if applicable), photographs, birth certificates, joint financial documents, or any other documentation that demonstrates the genuineness of your relationship.
  5. Sponsorship details: Provide information about your sponsor’s eligibility, including their Australian citizenship, permanent residency status, or eligibility as a New Zealand citizen. You may need to provide supporting documents, such as proof of citizenship or residency.
  6. Health and character requirements: Be truthful when answering questions about character and health requirements. If there is any additional information or documentation that is needed to meet these requirements, provide them as requested.
  7. Sign and date: Review the completed form thoroughly, ensuring all sections are filled out accurately and completely. Sign and date the form where indicated.
  8. Attach supporting documents: Compile all the necessary supporting documents as listed in the form and attach them securely. These may include identity documents, evidence of your relationship, police clearance certificates, and any other requested documentation.
  9. Submit the application: Once you have completed the form and gathered all the required documents, submit your application along with the applicable fees to the Australian Department of Home Affairs either online or through their specified submission channels.

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Embarking on the immigration journey is comparable to setting sail across a vast ocean of opportunities. Simplifying the complexities of the process involves understanding crucial documents like Form 47SP, acting as a guiding compass for a smoother course.

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